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Invokana Lawsuits Centralized in New Jersey MDL

Fifty-five lawsuits against Janssen Pharmaceuticals and its type 2 diabetes drug Invokana have been transferred and centralized before New Jersey District Court Judge Brian Martinotti. The cases, all similarly alleging that the drugmaker failed to adequately warn patients about the potential risks of kidney failure, diabetic ketoacidosis and heart attacks associated with Invokana, were corralled under one umbrella for purposes of discovery and pre-trial proceedings in a mechanism known as a multi-district litigation, or MDL. So far, only cases involving Invokana and its sister medication Invokamet have been included in the MDL, excluding similar brand-name drugs.

If you or a loved one experienced complications such as kidney failure or ketoacidosis after taking Invokana, please call 888-973-6379 for a confidential evaluation of your potential claim.

Invokana Class Action Lawsuit Filed in Canada

As individual lawsuits continue to be filed in the U.S., makers of Invokana face a class action lawsuit in Canada over a potentially fatal risk of kidney failure associated with the diabetes drug. Seeking an Invokana recall throughout the country, the class is alleging that Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals failed to provide adequate warnings about Invokana’s risks to patients.

Attorneys at the law firm of Grant & Eisenhofer are similarly investigating claims against Janssen as a mass tort. While similar to a class action in that both mechanisms involve many plaintiffs with similar claims, in a mass tort cases remain their own separate individual actions, whereas in a class action all plaintiffs are represented by only one or a few individuals.  Click here to learn more about the difference, or call 888-973-6379 if you experienced complications from taking Invokana and think you may have a claim against Janssen.

Report: Diabetic Ketoacidosis Predictable Among Invokana Patients

A report published by the American Diabetes Association in its journal Diabetes Care discusses some key information for Invokana users and their doctors. In light of the FDA’s May 2015 concerns that Invokana may carry an increased risk of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), or high levels of acid in the blood, researchers from the Dallas Diabetes and Endocrine Center and the Institute of Clinical Physiology, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche in Italy concluded that there are common factors among patients who take Invokana and subsequently experience DKA (including alcohol intake, intercurrent illness, reduced insulin levels, and stress), and that monitoring patients’ metabolic changes that occur right before a DKA event may help doctors identify patients who are at greater risk.

Lawsuits have been filed against Janssen and Johnson & Johnson, manufacturers of Invokana, alleging that the drugmakers failed to properly study Invokana’s effects and adequately warn patients of its dangerous risks, including DKA. If you or a loved one experienced complications such as kidney failure or ketoacidosis after taking Invokana, please call 888-973-6379. Experienced attorneys are standing by to help you navigate your potential claim and discuss any legal options you may have.

FDA Ramps Up Invokana Warning Label

Diabetes drug Invokana recently received an updated warning label mandated by the FDA, to include stronger information about bone mineral density issues, including an increased risk for bone fractures as well as an “Adverse Reactions” section highlighting the drug’s risks. Invokana, a popular medication used to help lower blood sugar in type-2 diabetes patients, has been also linked kidney failure, ketoacidosis (high levels of acid in the blood), strokes and heart attacks.  A number of lawsuits have been filed against Invokana’s manufacturer Janssen Pharmaceuticals alleging that the drug company failed to properly study the drug’s effects and adequately warn patients of its numerous dangerous risks.

Please call 888-973-6379 if you or a loved one experienced complications from taking Invokana. Experienced attorneys can help you navigate your potential claim and discuss the legal options available to you.

Consumer Watchdog Group is On to Invokana’s Off-Label Marketing

In just 2.5 short years, newcomer Type-2 diabetes drug Invokana has rocketed to the top of the sales market, largely driven by advertisements directed at consumers. These advertisements, however, have raised concerns over how they affect the public’s perception of the safety and efficacy of the drug—often downplaying serious, life-threatening side effects.  Public Citizen, a Washington, D.C. based consumer advocacy group, wrote a letter to the FDA asking it to “stop the apparently violative off-label promotional statements in the direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertisements” of several drugs prescribed for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes, including Invokana.  The letter cited that certain print and web ads suggested these drugs could be used for several unapproved benefits, such as for weight-loss and lowering blood pressure, while ignoring some of the severe side-effects that drugs like Invokana can cause, including a higher risk of yeast infections.

Invokana Reported to Pose Greater Risk of Developing Yeast Infections

Not only has type-2 diabetes drug Invokana been associated with kidney problems and high blood-acidity levels that can lead to hospitalization, the medication also may pose another risk: an increased risk of recurring infections, including yeast infections.  According to Dr. John Sink of Jones Center for Diabetes and Endocrine Wellness, nearly 10% of patients taking Invokana will develop a mycotic infection or urinary tract infection. “You have to have this conversation with men just as much as you do with women,” Sink explained, adding that nearly 20% of patients on the drug will likely experience recurring infections.

Invokana Lawsuit

Invokana (canagliflozin) is a type 2 diabetes treatment designed to help lower blood sugar. Approved in March 2013 by the FDA, the blockbuster medication has brought in for Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, an estimated $1 billion in annual sales. However, since Invokana’s entry to the market, some patients have reported severe side effects such as kidney failure, heart attacks, strokes, and increased blood acid levels, or ketoacidosis. Symptoms of ketoacidosis include difficulty breathing, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, confusion, and unusual fatigue. Lawsuits have been filed against Janssen and Johnson & Johnson regarding Invokana, alleging that the manufacturers failed to properly study the drug’s effects and adequately warn patients of its dangerous risks.

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